ChiltonLibrary Offering Enhanced Platform and New Tools

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| By Gale Staff |

Chilton has set the standard for auto repair know-how for over 100 years. Gale is pleased to share that ChiltonLibrary, trusted by do-it-yourselfers and the automotive trade, is migrating to a new user experience later this fall.

Widely known for authoritative, money-saving car-care guidance your patrons need for most years, makes, and models, ChiltonLibrary will deliver these user-friendly improvements:

Improved Navigation

A clean, simple interface and table of contents make navigating the complexity of today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs easy so users can find the information they need to safely service their vehicle.

Enhanced Search

New platform will offer a finer data granularity and streamlined navigation, enabling faster, more-targeted searches.  

VIN Decoder

The VIN, or vehicle identification number, is the car’s DNA, denoting the manufacturing information that uniquely identifies each vehicle. When a ChiltonLibrary user submits a VIN for their vehicle or a potential purchase, the tool displays identifying information for the individual car or truck.

In addition, the tool identifies National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) safety and recall bulletin outlines. From there, users can consult the ChiltonLibrary Technical Service Bulletin for helpful information.

VIN Search

VIN Search Specifications

Easy Access to Video and Animations

For easy discovery and playback, more than 2,500 videos are found in a stand-alone Video Library tab and are organized by vehicle systems and subject matter. The most popular videos are shown by default on the video home page.

More than 2,500 videos …

Real-Time Content Additions

The platform will be updated monthly with the latest information direct from the vehicle manufacturers. This includes all partial releases by manufacturers, to ensure users have access to the most up-to-date content on the market.

For example, there’s an upcoming major content release that will include new maintenance, service, and repair information for Subaru models by early 2023.

Updated Look for ASE Technician Test-Prep Quizzes and Results

Test-prep quiz questions appear exactly as they would for a candidate sitting for an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) exam. Results include instant correct and incorrect answer feedback in an easy-to-read table along with a new visualization for score summary and quiz status.

Evaluate Labor Time

The Labor Estimating tool that enables users to verify the time it takes to complete the more common repairs will display after selecting a vehicle’s year, make, and model if that data is available from the manufacturer.

Improved Accessibility

The new platform contains many native accessibility features, such as keyboard controls and enhanced responsiveness for mobile devices. In addition, enhanced voice technology and text display options are available as we continue to make understanding written text, viewing graphics, and navigating web pages easier.

Readability Tools

Translation – Powered by Google Translate, the ReadSpeaker text aid allows readers to translate a word or short phrase into 22 languages—and counting.

Dictionary – Readers can highlight a word to learn its meaning.

Text display – Readers with vision impairment—or who have reading differences—may benefit when they have a variety of ways to customize their view on a screen.

In addition to existing features, like adjustable text size, new display option tools include:

  • OpenDyslexic font – a typeface designed to counteract dyslexia symptoms
  • Additional font choices – to aid comprehension
  • Optional background colors – to better view text on the screen
  • Line, word, and letter spacing – so individuals can adjust spacing to make text easier to read
  • Reading ruler, page mask, and highlighting – to minimize distractions and increase focus
  • Text mode – a simpler text display that can help anyone, and especially those with cognitive or learning disabilities

Usage Reports

For libraries, ChiltonLibrary’s new platform enables a deep dive into the database usage, even to the level of specific pages frequented, most popular models, and which library branches have the most usage. Library-specific and content-specific data can customize the reports as well.

Reliability Remains

ChiltonLibrary will retain all the content and functionality users expect, including:

  • Out of the library mobile access whenever and wherever users need it
  • Factory-tested service and repair information from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting information
  • Wiring and vacuum diagrams and detailed schematics
  • Manufacturer recommended maintenance intervals
  • Technical Services Bulletins
  • Warranty and Chilton labor times for the more common repair procedures
  • ASE Test quizzes to assess a user’s technical skills

Next Steps

In November, existing customers will be automatically moved to the new experience. No action is needed. Support will be available to ensure a smooth transition for everyone. Stay tuned for more information.

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