COMING SOON! New Program Helps Public Libraries Expand Their Education Mission and Change Lives through Learning

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| By Angela Doolin, Gale Product Manager |

There are 30 million Americans without a high school diploma, meaning better-paying jobs and a college education can be out of reach.1

As a trusted partner to public libraries, Gale understands the importance of access to education, particularly for underserved and at-risk populations. Over the last seven years, we’ve had the honor of collaborating with more than 150 public library systems to bring an adult high school completion program to communities across the United States. Together, we celebrated over 4,000 graduates!

Today our goal is to build on that success and help more public libraries change lives through learning.

We’re pleased to announce that Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School will soon be available to public libraries.

Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School is a 100 percent online, student-focused program that allows libraries to demonstrate their critical impact on the quality of life and economic growth of their communities by making it possible for library patrons to earn an accredited high school diploma, not a GED®.

The Weight of a High School Diploma

In the United States, high school graduates earn nearly $10K more annually than those without a high school diploma, experience lower unemployment rates than the national average, and are less likely to rely on government support over the course of their lives.Furthermore, high school graduates are less likely to live in poverty, are healthier, and less likely to engage in criminal behavior that leads to incarceration.3  

How the Program Works

Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School offers a 21.5-credit curriculum that prepares adult students for success in college or the workplace. Learners can select from more than 100 standard, elective, and college-level courses that are entirely online. The school updates and launches new courses regularly. The program employs a pedagogical approach and incorporates the most advanced learning tools, including live, unlimited online tutoring for increased student performance and a high graduation rate.

Guaranteed Regional Accreditation

Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School is accredited by Cognia, the parent organization of the North Central Association on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS  CASI), and the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). View their accreditation profile. Excel Adult High School is affiliated with the Middle States Association on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS). See MSA-CESS for more details. This high school diploma is accepted by colleges, employers, and the military.

Flexible Schedule and Highly Supportive Instructors

This adult high school program can be completed in 12–18 months or less, depending on credit transfer. Up to 75 percent of previously earned high school and GED, HiSET, and TASC credits are accepted. The program is self-paced and encourages students to set their own schedules for completing coursework. Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School students are well supported by highly qualified instructors, online tutors, and academic guidance or career counselors, who help learners throughout their enrollment and with postsecondary planning.

Opportunity to Earn College Credits

Gale Presents: Excel High School offers 7 ACE (American Council on Education)-recommended courses for college credit. Adult learners interested in earning college credit while in high school can take advantage of completing college-level ACE credits at Excel Adult High School and get a head start with college graduation.

Inclusive of English Language Learners  (ELL)

Libraries can empower adults whose primary language isn’t English to earn their high school diploma. While standard courses are displayed in English, students can choose from numerous languages, and the translation will appear alongside. Text can also be translated and read aloud in students’ native language for enhanced comprehension. This program is a great option for ELLs who need tools to improve their English skills.

More about Excel

Gale is partnering with Excel Education Systems to deliver accredited high school diplomas through public libraries because of their long-standing commitment to providing high-quality, accredited education services to their students, including more than 20,000 adult learners. Excel High School is a nonpublic school headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and has been in operation since 2005. Since then, Excel High School has helped thousands of high school–age and adult learners graduate and move on to higher education, employment, military enlistment, and job advancement.

Interested in learning how your library can graduate adults? Request more information.


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