Continuing the Tradition with Gale Primary Sources

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Posted 3/9/16

By Robert L. Lisiecki

Providing a wealth of rare, formerly inaccessible historical content from the world’s most prestigious libraries, Gale Digital Collections has been changing the nature of research for years. This isn’t changing; however, to more accurately portray what it is that we are offering, we have decided to update our name: With that, we are happy to introduce you to Gale Primary Sources.

With this name change, we have decided to tell you exactly what you are getting: primary sources from Gale. This program spans the tenth century to the twenty-first century, covering subjects from the Wild West to the Far East; from culture and business, to politics and war, to religion and government. This remarkable, ever-expanding program supports the needs of today’s students, educators, and researchers with rare and unique primary source materials, including newsletters, newspapers, organizational papers, government documents, manuscripts, pamphlets, and other primary sources.

Bringing Gale Primary Sources products to your library instantly enhance the experience of students, educators, and researchers, giving them access like they have never seen before. Beyond the content, the Gale Primary Sources program aims to provide world-class technology. Tools and features include:

  • Textual Analysis Tools identify and visualize patterns, trends, and relationships to explore content in new ways
  • Subject Indexing makes content accessible and exposes key data elements
  • Zotero Compatibility to optimize, collect, cite, and organize sources
  • User-generated Tags & Annotations allow users to create and add their own metadata
  • User Accounts enable users to save and edit tags and annotations
  • The Image Viewer zooms, highlights, rotates, reverses, and views pages in full-screen mode
  • Downloadable OCR enables a new level of access to search results
  • Available as a stand-alone or on an integrated research experience that unifies your primary source collections into a single platform and enables users to make never-before-possible connections.

These tools not only enable users to more conveniently access primary sources, but they are also able to browse, search, and discover primary sources with ease. This program can help transform your library into an epicenter of digital humanities and an invaluable house of research.

Watch out for new products and a new website in the coming months. Want to learn more about the program now? Email us today!Supreme

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