Cornell Professor and Librarian Collaborate to Contribute to Gale Researcher

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Gale has partnered with Cornell College Professor of English Katy Stavreva to curate introductory British Literature content for Gale Researcher. In an article Cornell College’s News Center Stavreva describes the challenge of mapping out foundational content for the British Literature module, “This is no small challenge because the field is not only dynamic, but there are numerous ideologies and theories involved in deciding who and what may be foundational in it.” 

Stavreva also collaborated with her Cornell colleagues to create content for Gale Researcher. Cornell Interim Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and Consulting Librarian Jennifer Rouse contributed to the collection with the essay “The Literary Research Process.” A recent article on the Cornell College News Center goes into more detail about Gale Researcher and Stavreva’s contributions.

The article summarizes Gale Researcher,

“a digital platform that provides media-rich scholarly introductions to core topics in disciplines ranging from British and American Literature to Economics and Philosophy. . . .The platform is designed to help students develop critical thinking and research skills, to inspire intellectual curiosity, and to strengthen librarian and faculty collaboration.

On Stavreva’s contributions to Gale Researcher,

The first series edited by Stavreva, “Major Authors and Movements in British Literature,” charts the multilingual and multicultural strands in the history of British literature—from its oral origins in Anglo-Saxon and Celtic elegiac and heroic poetry to the contemplative, politically engaged, multivoiced, and multimedia literature of the twenty-first century.

Her second series, “Major Genres, Forms, and Media in British Literature,” begins with a consideration of the openness of British literature in terms of languages, regional, national, and racial identity. It ends by foregrounding the openness and malleability of approaches to literary research and critical writing.

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