Don’t Forget Large Print in Your Adult Summer Reading Program

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| By Gale Staff |

Summer reading programs aren’t just for your youth patrons, they can be just as beneficial for adults. Sure, adults may not be as motivated by bookmarks and stickers, but that doesn’t mean they won’t respond enthusiastically to a summer reading challenge or book club. This summer, if you haven’t already, consider incorporating large print into your adult summer reading program. Large print isn’t just for senior readers or the visually impaired, it’s a more accessible format for all adults. From format-agnostic millennials to screen-weary remote workers, large print books are finding younger, more diverse audiences in libraries.

Thorndike Press publishes large print books over a diverse selection of genres from Amish Fiction to Science Fiction. Large print provides equity in both content AND format. From Amish fiction to Christian romances and cozy mysteries, your patrons will discover a book that captures their interest. However, the range of subjects isn’t the only thing that makes Thorndike successful—the titles are also in large print format. This specific format has proven results for increasing reader engagement, no matter the age of the reader.

Enjoy the Advantages of Large Print

Too often, people assume that books with large font are meant only for beginning readers. While the larger text is no doubt helpful for beginners, this format has surprising benefits for readers of all ages. The bigger spaces and letters on the page, combined with our high-contrast ink, make reading comprehension easier. These qualities force the eyes to slow down, helping the reader engage more fully with the characters and stories.

Better yet, adult readers won’t have to worry about limited large text options or the stigma sometimes associated with them. Thorndike Press has ensnaring true crime novels, like No Stranger Here, by Carlene O’Connor, and bestsellers like Devoted in Death, by J. D. Robb. What’s more, the books themselves are pretty much identical to their standard font counterparts.

Use Summertime for Reading

While adults are busy year-round, there are more opportunities to engage them in reading during the summer months. With kids out of school, parents may bring them to the library more frequently, giving librarians extra face time to recruit parents to the summer reading program. Adults are also more likely to plan a vacation during the summer, so they may be in the market for a good beach read. Luckily, Thorndike Press prints all the top, summertime reads, like The Summer Job, by Lizzy Dent.

If adults have more time to read during the summer, encourage them to really dive in and enjoy the benefits. Reading helps stimulate the brain, spark our imagination, and improve our vocabulary. Finding stories written from new perspectives and diverse voices also helps build empathy. You’re never too old to continue learning and summer is a great time to start.

Make Reading Fun for Adults Too

Crafting an adult summer reading program requires a slightly different approach than crafting one for kids and teens. Nonetheless, adult readers can be just as committed to competitions and prizes. As mentioned before, though, adults are busy. Try to keep things simple and accessible for them. It can be helpful to integrate a digital smartphone platform on which adult readers can log their hours or completed titles. You might also encourage them to make teams with their friends or colleagues and compete with other teams in your area. For prizes, feature gift cards to local booksellers or popular restaurants in your town.

With Thorndike Press’ large print titles, you can build a more inclusive reading program that engages adults as well as the kids in your community. After all, everyone benefits from reading.

Want to learn more and get started on a summer reading program for adults? Check out our extensive large print catalog from Thorndike Press or contact your large print consultant.

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