Gale Digital Scholar Lab Gets a New Look Later This Year!

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| By Gale Staff |

Since Gale Digital Scholar Lab launched in 2018, the team has engaged with librarians, instructors, and students about what they’d like to see in the tool and how they use it for research, teaching, and learning. Based on those continuous conversations, the team regularly makes improvements to the user experience. In December 2021, we’ll refresh the Lab with a new design and enhancements that are grounded in user feedback. Beginning in July, researchers using the tool will be able to preview the new experience via a link within the Lab.

What’s New?

The Gale Digital Scholar Lab core workflow of Build, Clean, and Analyze remains unchanged, but these areas of the tool will have an updated layout.


Researchers will also see an updated search and search filter that align with the Gale Primary Sources experience.

Within the Analyze step, adding and running tools will be easier and save researchers time setting up analyses. A revised Analyze dashboard will provide researchers with an at-a-glance view of their work, improving focus and minimizing cognitive load. In addition, all visualizations within the tool will have an updated look and feel that includes a pane with context, help links, and controls specific to each visualization. This will mean less scrolling and navigating away from analyses to find information.

Enhancements to tools like Sentiment Analysis will help researchers move more seamlessly from distant reading to close reading and pattern recognition to inspection at the individual document level.

The refresh will also improve capabilities for researchers to replicate their research in the Gale Digital Scholar Lab, as well as transfer their findings to other platforms and tools for additional research and analysis. Tabular data downloaded from the Lab will be more closely aligned with the Lab’s visualization outputs. Other features will allow researchers to trace their steps while creating a content set or setting up clean configurations.  

The enhancements to the analysis tools and visualizations will bring the Gale Digital Scholar Lab in alignment with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Next Steps

Existing customers will move to the new interface in time for the spring academic semester. All content sets and clean configurations will migrate to the new experience, with no action required by current researchers. We’ll continue to communicate about these changes over the coming weeks, but please email Gale Digital Scholar Lab with any questions.

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