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By Kim Martin

Meet Chris, the explorer. He’s passionate about adventure, travel and discovering the world. Ever since he can remember, he wanted to know as much about other countries—their people, cuisine, geography, whatever he could possibly take in.  As someone who loves to immerse himself in other cultures, he needs the right resources and tools, for excursions near and far.

explorerDo you have patrons like Chris who seek out timely travel articles, videos, and guides to help plan and document their next journey and learn more about the world around them?

Chris is always on the move and prefers to access travel information from his laptop, tablet, and phone. Surely, he wants to access them any time of day too, whether the library is open or not. This is where Gale can help. Whether planning for the family, a honeymoon, or a once-in-a lifetime trip aboard, inspire your patron’s sense of wanderlust by providing them with a collection travel eBooks and resources that are well worth touring.

Make things easy with Top 10 Guides
Boom. Weekend get-away planned just like that!  Toronto, Chicago, and even international cities like Berlin. Your patrons might give you a hug for making their travel so incredibly simple.

Family guides cater to your entire travel party
For your patrons planning something for the kiddos, try DK Eyewitness Travel: Family Guide Florida, 1st Edition, which travfamincludes strategies on how to get the most of the theme parks, find the best beaches on the Panhandle, explore the Kennedy Space Center, and more. If Florida is out, there are several destinations covered from Washington D.C. to London, England. There are even quizzes, cartoons, and fun facts for children to enjoy during the planning process or en route.

When the going gets rough…
Make travel a breeze for your community with not-so-Rough Guides covering all the basics with practical, on-the-ground details, as well as unmissable alternatives to the usual must-see sights. Each guide also reviews the best accommodations and restaurants in all price brackets and highlighs times for saving. Try Barcelona, Chicago, Berlin, and more.

Endorse the more scenic route
Your average traveler might not feel confident enough to get off the beaten path, but Backroads can change that. Be an advocate for the authentic country-side experience. These ebooks offer more than twenty driving itineraries with recommendations for things to see and do, local cuisine, and charming places to stay from Italy to Australia.

For the more visual explorers
National Geographic: People, Animals and the World might just trick the armchair adventurers into their first planned out expedition. This collection includes full-text books, National Geographic Traveler magazine from 2010 forward, videos, full-color maps and atlases, and downloadable images. And if the 100 Best Affordable Vacations title doesn’t reel in potential explorers, I don’t know what else will! See for yourself with a trial of the robust resource.

With more than 250 DK Eyewitness Travel Guides, Top 10, Back Roads and Rough Guide ebooks, your community’s explorers will have access to detailed coverage and insider knowledge. Ask your Gale Representative about our 40% DK eBook collections for your explorers through June 30. 


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Kim loves to entertain. She is an avid fan of pro and college sports and her two athletes and college-aged filmmaker. She holds an MBA from Cleary University and a BA from Old Dominion University.
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