Discovering the Black Hole

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| By Gale Staff |

As the first-ever picture of a black hole was unveiled last week, the world reacted with excitement to an image of an orange ring of light, surrounded by the deep, black abyss. Scientist Katie Bouman, a postdoctoral fellow who contributed to the project, instantly became a hero for women in STEM as her image—clasping her hands over her face looking at the first black hole—made its way around the internet.

Gale takes pride in staying current and up-to-date on all events. The black hole and Katie Bouman are the most recent trending topics to be added to Gale’s In Context suite of online resources. Our team commissioned a new Black Hole topic page that includes 80 news articles, 320+ academic journals, and 18 audio clips—not to mention the famous black hole image itself.

Take a look at the updated content:

The new Black Hole topic page in Science In Context

Katie Bouman’s biography in Biography In Context

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