Bridging the Gap Between High School & College: Part 11

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This series of blogs will summarize and highlight important portions of our recent white paper, The New York City DOE/CUNY Library Collaborative: Bridging the Gap Between High School and College, which you can view here.

The whitepaper presents the progression and processes of the New York Collaborative Curriculum Revision Project (CCRP), a collaborative of high school teachers, college faculty, and librarians formed to build upon the new Common Core State Standards and better prepare students for post-secondary success. The posts will include sections quoted from the white paper as well as our own editorial.

Part 11: Next Steps for the Library Collaborative’s CCRP

The Collaborative has ambitious goals for tangible institutional and curricular change. To continue their work, funding was needed. Graduate NYC! (GNYC) is a collaboration among the NYC DOE, CUNY, and several community-based organizations with the aim of doubling the number of New Yorkers who get their degree from CUNY by 2020. The Collaborative has teamed up with GNYC to share their expertise in project management and grant writing, and leveraged $50,000 from the Teagle Foundation to scale up the CCRP.

The funds from the Teagle Foundation will allow the Library Collaborative and GNYC to create four working groups that will involve:

8 High School Teachers

8 College Faculty

High School and College Librarians

4 Documentarians

4 Facilitators

Impacting 600 students, the first schools will begin revising curriculum in Spring 2015 with plans to implement in Fall 2015; the second group will begin in Fall 2015 with plans to implement in Spring 2016. The Teagle funding will allow more rigorous assessment of the CCRP’s work.

In the short term, the CCRP will aid educators involved in the working sessions by helping them increase student achievement. In the end, though, the goal is for the sessions to serve as models of the curricular unit revision process and college alignment. To bridge the gap between high school and college, institutions must form long-term working partnerships, build on their shared strengths, and define their shared expectations.

The following chart was a part of the Teagle Foundation proposal. The chart provides a concise overview of CCRP Project Goals, the Methodology used to achieve the goals, the Timeframe for the time of recurrence, and Data Analysis, which lists the assignment and measure.

Check back next week as we conclude our blog series with a look at the executive summary. To learn more about the Collaborative and the CCRP, access the full white paper here. Read other entries in this blog series here.



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