Dogs in the Library!

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By Jane W. 

As a young mother, at one point I was so frustrated with my daughter, Emma. She is autistic and has a very high IQ. She just refused to learn how to read – even though she was capable of doing it. I tried everything and even took her out of traditional school to home school her for more personal attention. I could not find anything to motivate her to read.

One day while we were at the library, an ecstatic Emma ran up to me with a Library brochure she saw that talked about the Furry Friends Program. She only knew that it looked like dogs came to the Library – she has ALWAYS wanted a dog, but our family has allergies that prevent us from getting one, so she wanted to see the dogs at the library.

I told her that this dog program was for kids to read to the dogs and that she would have to learn how to read first so she could come to the
program. Little did she know that this program was designed for reluctant readers!

Emma signed up and immediately bonded to the golden retriever therapy dog named Luke, and within months was reading with enthusiasm!Air Max 1

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