My Earliest Memory in Life…Libraries!

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By Anna J. 

I love libraries – always have, always will. Maybe it’s genetic. My parents both loved libraries – my dad especially. He always wanted to be a librarian, but it never worked out. As a result, he would constantly take his children to the local public library for books, activities, etc. In fact, my earliest memory in life (I was probably about 2), is of my father trying to teach me how to use one of the old card catalogs – you know, the ones with actual cards and drawers! I couldn’t read, but I remember liking to pull out the drawers! When I decided to become a librarian in college, my dad was never prouder. He could finally live his dream vicariously through me! To this day, I love helping people find books – this time with library catalog computers! It is so rewarding to assist people with technology questions, provide eBooks and tax forms and language classes to my community – all free of charge! I love my library, how about you?Zapatillas de running Nike – Mujer

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