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People are adapting to new technology on a daily basis. Be ready to answer the not-so-technically-savvy questions about iPhones and iPads, including how to connect with family and friends via tools like Apple’ s FaceTime. Many great GVRL online entries can turn a new iDevice user into an expert overnight.

A simple search for “FaceTime” brings up this screen:

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iPad for the Older and Wiser: Get Up and Running with Your Apple iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, 4th Editionfrom John Wiley & Sons, walks users through how to set up FaceTime, make calls, and utilize other valuable features. The PDF cover-to-cover format provides a very readable view of these instructions, which can be shrunk or enlarges to your user’s comfort level.

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Now that your users are experts at using their iPhone, they might be interested in how their mobile device is changing out society. With Science, Technology, and Society: How Mobile Devices Are Changing Societythey will be able to discover the way mobile devices like the iPhone are rapidly changing the way people communicate, socialize, and obtain information.

And users can seamlessly navigate to other portions of the title using the Table of Contents to discover features they may not have been aware of.

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It’s easy to browse entire lists of titles on the iPad or even to create a subcollection for patrons seeking technology assistance, making the search experience even more targeted.

eBook subcollection in GVRL
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New technology users seeking tips on how to best use their new devices will appreciate GVRL’s unlimited simultaneous access. It means that iPad for the Older and Wiser and other relevant GVRL titles will never display a “checked out” message. As a bonus, patrons can access their library’s GVRL eBooks from their iDevices anywhere they have an internet connection! If they don’t have an internet connection, they can access content about iPad and iPhone functionality that they’ve previously downloaded to their devices.

Integrated Collaboration Tools

Now that Gale partnered with Google Apps for Education, it has never been easier for access and save relevant information from GVRL and other popular Gale products. After authentication, users can sign in to use, save, and share Gale content using their Google Account credentials (including Gmail) without having to remember a separate password. Once logged in, users can easily share and download articles — including their highlights and notes — using Google Apps for Education tools that include Gmail.

Optimized for any device, users can now utilize all of the features of GVRL where they “live.”

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