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Forty-four percent of public library researchers are seeking health information, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Some of those users may even be looking to try out a new diet.

Patrons will be on the hunt for reliable, authoritative information. They will likely have heard about trendy diets from friends or on the Internet. One diet that is increasing in popularity is the ketogenic diet. A diet that limits the amount of carbohydrates a person intakes in a day to stimulate weight loss and other health benefits. A GVRL search is a great place to find out what’s involved.

No Need to Know the eBook Title
In this example of a “ketogenic diets” search, you will notice that there are articles featured from different titles and from different publishers. Because users can get entry-level results, it’s easy for them to find content without having to know book titles. The third result, from Nutrition: Science, Issues, and Applications provides authoritative background information readers can use to evaluate the various effects a ketogenic diet has on the body. This terrific entry covers application, benefits and precautions associated with this diet.

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Note that users could not have retrieved the results above from, The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets: A Guide to Health and Nutrition if they had been using an eBook platform that only searched at the full-title level.

It’s Easy to Read a Portion of an eBook, or the Whole Thing
Another extremely useful feature of the GVRL platform is its ability to jump to articles through the Table of Contents. Users can flip to previous portions of weekly plans or read a title cover-to-cover in the PDF view.

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Users who prefer a traditional reading experience can still read a title cover-to-cover by clicking on the PDF view.

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No Checkouts Means Popular Titles are Always Available
With eBooks on the GVRL platform, users looking for health-related information will have access to every relevant title—there are no check-in or check-out restrictions, and every title permits unlimited simultaneous use. Plus, patrons can access previously downloaded content, even when away from the library. With GVRL’s persistent URLs, content stays put. And users who have an Internet connection can begin their search for information on other health topics from their mobile devices.

Integrated Collaboration Tools
Now that Gale partnered with Google Apps for Education, it has never been easier for access and save relevant information from GVRL and other popular Gale products. After authentication, users can sign in to use, save, and share Gale content using their Google Account credentials (including Gmail) without having to remember a separate password. Once logged in, users can easily share and download articles — including their highlights and notes — using Google Apps for Education tools that include Gmail.

Optimized for any device, users can now utilize all of the features of GVRL where they “live.”

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