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GVRL is a unique eBook platform—the only one designed specifically for research—but sometimes it’s difficult to explain exactly what makes it great. So let’s show you, using four timely examples of how patrons can use GVRL to research exactly what they need to achieve the outcomes they desire.

With summer well under way, you may have a vacation right around the corner! Your next vacation could also still be down the road—it’s never too early to start planning. For this example, we’ve chosen Amalfi.

Because most travel guides focus on countries, large cities, or only the most popular regions, very few eBooks or titles contain Amalfi in the title. Why does this matter?

Most eBook services search primarily on title, which may not lead to the best results. This can occur even if a search term is contained in a larger content set, such as Italy or Milan—which is the case with Amalfi.

Easily Search and Download Information on Landmarks

In GVRL, content is indexed down to the entry level, so users can quickly connect with information on Amalfi in a quick-read format. Users can even download an entry and use it as they plan a trip months into the future, because no checkout dates are applied. Moreover, users need never worry about being turned away from a potentially useful article, because GVRL offers unlimited simultaneous access.

Select an article from the results of a search for “Amalfi.”

Travel Blog screen 1
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Click the Download button under the “Tools” section at the top right of the page.

Travel Blog screen 2
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Now, this entry can belong to a GVRL user forever, in either PDF or Saved to Google Drive or OneDrive account.

Discoverability May Lead a Traveler to a New Destination

To take this example a bit further, as users read the entry, they may discover details about additional areas to explore. For example, the article above notes that it may be a good idea to visit Ravello if a trip allows an extra day.  Users can take advantage of GVRL’s Highlight and Notes tools to add comments to the article before saving or printing it.

Also, because of GVRL’s flexible format and dynamic search, it’s extremely easy to execute and new search by selecting and copying the name of a new area in the HTML version of the entry and paste it into the GVRL search box. As mentioned earlier, this is a complicated process in resources that rely primarily on browse and very basic search functionality.

Execute a basic search to find additional information on a new area.

Travel Blog screen 4
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Learn more about the new result.

Travel Blog screen 3
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Integrated Collaboration Tools

Now that Gale partnered with Google Apps for Education, it has never been easier for access and save relevant information from GVRL and other popular Gale products. After authentication, users can sign in to use, save, and share Gale content using their Google Account credentials (including Gmail) without having to remember a separate password. Once logged in, users can easily share and download articles — including their highlights and notes — using Google Apps for Education tools that include Gmail.

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Optimized for any device, users can now utilize all of the features of GVRL wherever the world might take them. Whether they’re in the library, at home, or soaking in the sun on the beach!

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