Energy: In Context: “Useful Across the Curriculum”

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Provide middle school students with more on a subject that impacts lives and economies across the globe: energy! Energy: In Context fosters the understanding of energy science, while also exploring the social, political, economic, and cultural factors that impact how we find, use, store, and waste energy. With 50 primary source documents, along with 270 color images, illustrations, and other graphics, Energy: In Context will be your one-stop source for all things energy.

Still not convinced? Read what a librarian has to say:

“The scope of information contained here could be useful across the curriculum. Science, math, and history classes will find interesting and relevant information for projects and assignments. Students who are interested in energy issues will find much to peruse in these volumes.”

-Cynthia Ortiz, School Librarian, Hackensack High School, 2016

The 224 signed, alphabetically arranged entries meet the needs of students from high school through college as well as public library users concerned about this important resource. Each entry follows a standard set of rubrics, including “Introduction,” “Historical Background and Scientific Foundations,” and “Impacts and Issues.” Unfamiliar terms are called out in a Glossary box in each entry in addition to being defined in the text. Each entry includes a bibliography; many also feature interesting sidebars.

What’s new?

  • Signed articles in this all-new, first edition title mean users can rely on its authority.
  • Color photos and graphics clarify and add interest for all users, but are especially important for visual learners.
  • Sidebars and primary source documents provide the contextual information that is the hallmark of this product line.
  • Specialized terms are defined within the text, in a glossary box for the article, and in a cumulative glossary for the set, so users don’t need to go to another source for a thorough understanding.
  • Up-to-date information on important topics in the field of Energy science.

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