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Recent federal education data illustrates major setbacks in children’s math and reading scores in the wake of the pandemic. There’s no question—addressing unfinished learning while building back our student’s confidence in school is crucial. But educators shouldn’t have to struggle to help students catch up.

Gale’s suite of academic resources can help you streamline learning and drive classroom engagement.

Give your students access to user-friendly digital resources they can use in the classroom, on mobile devices, or even at home. With assistance from Gale’s digital collections, you can provide curriculum-aligned content across subjects and receive lesson planning support to advance student outcomes and inspire lifelong learning.

Offer Accessible Digital Content

Based on a Project Tomorrow® study, 82% of teachers said their students developed a better understanding of their lessons after using Gale classroom resources.

As you approach learning loss recovery, choose digital resources that meet students where they are. Gale’s streamlined databases are designed with an intuitive user interface that provides young learners with standards-aligned content and easy navigation tools. Meet the needs of all learners with tools designed for both personalized and differentiated learning.

High school, middle school, and elementary resources are arranged via portals to connect students to grade-appropriate, easily accessible knowledge. For example, Gale In Context: Elementary comprises eye-catching colors, simple sentence structures, and high-quality images to help early readers self-direct their learning experiences.

Support Multisensory Learning

It can be challenging for high school students to understand more complex and abstract subjects like chemistry and anatomy, especially when students can’t necessarily see these concepts in the world around them. Gale Interactive brings complicated topics to life with images, charts, 3D models, and more. Instructors can directly supplement their own lesson plans with these interactive tools.

Emphasize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Accommodate your students’ diverse backgrounds with on-demand text and voice translation tools that allow users to hear content read aloud in nearly any language. Gale seeks to provide high levels of accessibility to multi-lingual and English Language Learners as well as students with blindness or low vision.

Better engage your neurodivergent users with the display options tool. This tool gives readers the control to change font styles and sizes, pick their choice of background colors, and toggle word and line spacing.

Gale resources also cater to different reading levels with content organized by levels of complexity in the Lexile range.

Dive into diverse collections that feature voices from all over the world. Your students can discover news articles from global publications and explore different viewpoints. Connect them to content-specific training materials with themed collections that celebrate monthly observances, including Black History Month, Native American Heritage Month, and cultural holidays. These collections include hands-on activity ideas and discussions you can leverage for your own lesson plans.

Guide Social-Emotional Learning

While the COVID-19 pandemic impaired students’ scholastic achievements, their emotional well-being was impeded, too. For students to be well-rounded and academically prepared, they must achieve social-emotional learning (SEL). Gale infuses SEL into elementary, middle school, and high school platforms to help improve student learning beyond academic knowledge.

Students can search and discover detailed listings on stress, online behavior, and digital citizenship. Topic overviews for “Social and Emotional Learning” are available with reference sections and audio and video support links.

Gale’s experts have even developed a targeted, constantly updated collection of SEL eBooks. Cameron’s Collection, a curated mental health and wellness digital library, can give your students a safe resource to turn to should they find themselves or their friends struggling with mental health. Because Gale’s eBooks and resources are easy to download, you and your students can access them 24/7. This is especially important for students who may wish to read and learn privately at home.

When students can navigate their own learning experiences, they have the opportunity to improve the quality of their education and amplify their self-esteem and self-awareness.

Take Advantage of Seamless Integration

Whether you’re designing curricula for an entire school district or lesson planning for your classroom, Gale In Context: For Educators makes lesson planning a snap. The educator platform is a one-stop resource for curating digital resources and collaborating with colleagues. Gale resources embed critical-thinking questions, experiential activities, and discussion ideas that you can immediately integrate into your classroom. For Educators allows you to organize targeted learning materials and on-demand classes, customize digital lessons, and develop instructional curricula aligned to national and state standards.

Search, save, and share your content using G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 online tools. Plus, you can keep students organized by asking them to save content to their Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Teach them to easily export and integrate directly into EasyBib or NoodleTools using Gale’s citation feature for MLA, APA, and Chicago-style.

Keep Online Learning Safe and Secure

Keeping students safe online can feel like a full-time job, especially in distance learning experiences.

Gale reduces barriers to education while keeping kids safe. Give your students access to the resources they need in a closed network. That means you’ll never have to worry about students accessing problematic online content while they’re learning in class or at home.

Gale resources help keep your students on task—and away from distractions the internet presents. Gale’s media-rich collections and on-topic search results help improve focus and prepare your students for advanced research and healthy study habits. Moreover, students can easily download resources to revisit as needed or during times of the day that are more advantageous to their learning.

Stay informed about updates made to your Gale resources to optimize classroom learning. You can also find lesson plans, tip sheets, scavenger hunts, and product support at support.gale.com.

Don’t have access to a resource you need? Reach out to an education consultant today.

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