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| By Gintas Bradunas |

Have you ever been impressed by a child’s insightful question? Often, when we think young learners are not listening, they are. More importantly, their youthful sense of curiosity means they are actively working to find ways to make meaning of what they see and hear. Education at its best satiates this curiosity and prepares learners to engage meaningfully with the world around them. For educators and parents, Gale’s Kids InfoBits has been a strong partner in this mission and we are pleased to announce that Gale has partnered with Youngzine to bring new content to Kids InfoBits to better support young, curious learners.

Youngzine is a publication focused on bringing to children content that helps them learn more about current events and the world in a way that is age-appropriate and free from bias and sensationalism. Included in the Youngzine collection for Kids InfoBits are over 1000 articles spanning a wide range of topics including government and politics, science and technology, and the environment. This content includes entries such as:

These new resources will help students learn more about the world around them in a way that is safe and free from inappropriate content. Together with Youngzine, Gale’s Kids InfoBits will continue to prepare students for informed citizenship through promotion of literacy and access to reliable resources.

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As a product manager at Gale, Gintas Bradunas works to leverage his past experiences as a middle-school teacher and Teach for America corps member to help make products that students and educators will love. He’s an avid reader, lover of podcasts and a believer that everything can be made better with a cup of coffee.


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