Essential User Tools and Accessibility

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Gale is committed to making its products accessible to users of all abilities, as well as universally accessible and user friendly in conformance with Section 508 standards of the Rehabilitation Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Recent enhancements further our commitment to accessibility by maintaining a consistent user experience across our products and empowering ongoing development to ensure equity of access for all users:

  1. Integrated collaboration tools—easily access, share, and save content with G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools.
  2. Sticky toolbar—scrolls with users as they read, and maintains easy access to valuable research aids.
  3. Topic Finder—encourages further exploration through visualizations that group commonly occurring themes to reveal connections.
  4. Share link—copies persistent URLs at the article level to embed in course syllabi, e-newsletters, LibGuides, etc.
  5. Notes & highlights—select and highlight text, add notes, and export so users can keep just the content they need.
  6. Citation tools—automatically generate APA, MLA, and Chicago citations, and export to EasyBib, NoodleTools, ProCite, and more.
  7. Language translation—translates Gale content into 40 languages on demand; some include audio as well.
  8. Adjustable text size—allows users to change the text size of their document for increased visibility.
  9. Listen—makes content more accessible with audio versions of every article and download for anytime listening.
  10. Explore panel—highlights “More Like This” recommendations and supporting information of value without detraction from core content.
  11. Smarter search results—provide important evaluative information to support successful outcomes and help users discover relevant content.
  12. LMS integration—Expands access and increases discovery at schools and academic institutions by allowing educators to access and embed Gale content within their learning management system (LMS).


Access tools to manage, use, and share the value of your Gale resources at

  • Webinars, training videos, resource guides, tip sheets, and more
  • Marketing materials like customizable bookmarks, social media posts, email templates, and flyers
  • MARC records, direct URLs, usage reporting and visualization, and technical documents

Plus, your Gale customer success manager is available to help you make an impact on your users.

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