Excitement over Latest Women’s Studies Archive Collection

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The second installment of the award-winning series, Women’s Studies Archive, goes beyond the historical one-sided male perspective by sharing women’s stories from eminent libraries and archives around the world. Voice and Vision explores the evolution of feminism throughout the 19th and 20th centuries (1780‒2000) in primary source materials examining suffrage, birth control, pacifism, civil rights, and socialism. To ensure women’s voices are heard, the collection pays particular attention to material produced by women, not simply for women. Researchers will have critical access to periodicals written, illustrated, and published by women, representing their work, causes, concerns, and voices—largely unavailable until now.

Information Today published a review of Voice and Vision, sharing one librarian’s excitement for the database:

“With two installments established now in its Women’s Studies Archive, Gale has established a pattern of working for the preservation of women’s history. With Voice and Vision, the company’s concern for women documenting their own stories has been elevated. . . . With this database, we will hear new voices. Whether through the songs of Fleet Street barmaids or the minutes of suffragist annual meetings, we will come to better know, and better honor, women’s history. I look forward to Gale’s third addition and hope for increasingly diverse women’s voices in future offerings.”
— Woody Evans, Texas Woman’s University

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