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New enhancements are now available!

| By Gale Staff |

As your partner in education, we’re always working to improve our resources, optimizing them to meet the needs of schools, teachers, and students. That’s why we’re adding helpful enhancements to Gale In Context: For Educators that will make teaching and learning easier.

Assigning content that includes assessment activities keeps students engaged and helps teachers monitor comprehension of key concepts. With the addition of assessments in Gale In Context: For Educators lesson plans, teachers are empowered with insights about student learning and have an easier way to make evidence-based decisions on personalizing instruction to keep students on track.

For current customers, these updates will automatically appear in the product beginning January 27, 2023. The integration will be seamless and requires no action

What’s New: 

Educator Experience

  • Access prebuilt assessments from over 1,000 lesson plans in Gale In Context: For Educators.
  • Review available assessments and independently decide whether and when to assign them to students by sharing a link or assigning in Google Classroom.
  • Have the option to assign assessments to multiple classes.
  • Review student results to check on comprehension and identify learning gaps. 
  • Export scores to a CSV file and upload to other tracking systems.
  • Use data to adjust lessons or reteach concepts. 

Student Experience

  • Authenticate into their assessments using Okta platform and their school-linked Google or Microsoft credentials.
  • See the assessments assigned by the teacher in an easy-to-navigate frame, powered by Gale’s partnership with Learnosity.
  • Benefit from the Okta and Learnosity privacy policies, which comply with all legal requirements.

Be on the lookout for continued enhancements! Additional customizable assessments and collaboration tools will be available in early 2023. We’re excited about what the future holds for Gale In Context: For Educators and look forward to providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

Visit the Gale support site for more information or to request training.

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