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| By Kathy Nemeh, Senior Content Developer, Gale |

In June 2019, American Men & Women of Science, 37th Edition will publish. It will introduce 10,000 new listees to this long-standing (in continuous publication since 1906), premier compendium of accomplished American scientists. This new edition of American Men & Women of Science will debut a vibrant new cover that showcases the  scientific fields included in this product.

May is Women’s Health Care Month and presents an opportunity to highlight some of the important female scientists represented in American Men & Women of Science. A few listees whose work and lives are notable include:

Jennifer A. Doudna, renowned for her pioneering work in the development of the Crispr genome editing tool, regarded as one of the most important recent discoveries in biology.

Donna T. Strickland, Canadian optical physicist and recipient of 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics for her trailblazing work in pulsed lasers.

Frances H. Arnold, American chemical engineer, and 2018 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, awarded “for the directed evolution of enzymes.”

Elizabeth Helen Blackburn, Australian-American molecular biologist, and Carol W. Greider, American molecular biologist and biochemist, both recipients of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of the enzyme Telomerase and how chromosomes are protected by telomeres. Their research has revolutionized the understanding of how cells function and has been regarded as one of the most significant discoveries in molecular genetics.

American Men & Women of Science, 37th Edition offers concise biographical profiles with information on the Education, Professional Experience, Research Activities, Honors and Awards, as well as contact information for the foremost minds in a vast array of scientific specialties. In fact, all listees in American Men & Women of Science are indexed using the National Science Foundation 192 Taxonomy of Degrees and Employment Specialties categories. Use American Men & Women of Science as a one-stop shop to learn about the achievements and current research interests of the important players in the scientific realm.

American Men & Women of Science is available in print and eBook format on GVRL.

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