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| By Andrea Drouillard |

At ALA in June, we had the opportunity to meet and learn more about Flowerpot Press, a publisher headquartered in Ontario with design offices in TN. It was the right fit at the right time. We are looking to expand our network of publishing partners in Canada AND we are working with school districts across the U.S. to implement digital content related to social and emotional learning (SEL). Fast forward to 2019 and we now offer 44 elementary level titles from Flowerpot Press on Gale Virtual Reference Library.

We are excited about all the Flowerpot series including 10 Minute Classics, Play on Shakespeare, School Safety and others. However, a dragon named Omani seriously stole our hearts.  The books in the A Peace Dragon Tale series written by Linda Ragsdale are maxcellent (magnificent + excellent), a word I discovered in Alphabetter, a book that teaches young readers vocabulary and reading skills by a re-imagined alphabet using combinations of impactful peace words.

The Peace Dragon Tale Collection won the 2017 Children’s Publication Award from the National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME). The key intentions of Peace Dragon are to inspire people to focus on the universal desire for peace in its many dragon forms.  The Peace Dragon tells the beautiful tale of an unlikely friendship and encourages us to always keep our eyes and our hearts open.

A book that is super important for the times in which we live is Not Opposites, which helps to break us out of the polarization that comes from oppositional thinking. Not Opposites can help us change our thinking by practicing the mantra:

Not better.

Not worse.

Not opposites.

Just different.

On that note, we wish you all a peaceful and BEYAZING (beyond amazing) 2019.

We visited some local schools in December and shared the story of Omani and Sherwyn. The Peace Dragon books are perfect for literacy circles.  It was inspiring, uplifting and fun to share the story on the smart board and watch the kids engage with the content and the messages on the big screen. Linda shares a wealth of teacher and parent tools on the Peace Dragon website, so we were able to leave activity sheets about how to draw dragons and share a video about using letters and numbers to draw a dragon head.


You and your students can learn more about creating a culture of power in communication in WORDS, a concept book that reminds us to always fill ourselves with kind words and always remember to make our words count. How I Did It tells an encouraging tale about a daring letter in the alphabet who wants to stand out using clever plays on words to deliver a message about creativity, individuality and following your dreams. Learn more in this SLJ book review.

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