Explore the Latest Enhancements in Literature Resources

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| By Gale Staff |

Wish you could easily help students uncover diverse writers across the globe? With the latest enhancements in select Gale resources, you can connect them to user-friendly search tools to seamlessly guide research and learning.

Explore recent updates to Person Search and Work Search pages found in Gale Literature Resource Center, Gale Literature: LitFinder, Gale Literature: Contemporary Authors, Gale Books and Authors, Gale Literary Index, and Gale In Context: Biography. Whether you’re interested in exploring different genres, literary movements, or analyzing underrepresented works, these pages will help you discover various writers and their impactful contributions.

Informed by user research and feedback, these enhancements make search pages more intuitive and accessible to improve experiences for every user.

We understand that most research starts in the search bar, and the content researchers find depends on how they search. That’s why we’ve introduced the new Search Tip Box, which helps guide researchers on the best ways to use available search limiters to obtain optimal search results.

Each limiter on the search page now includes a clickable tooltip that explains the specific functionality associated with that limiter. These tooltips serve as helpful guides, enabling new researchers to learn how to utilize each limiter effectively.

The Person Search and Work Search pages have been redesigned to incorporate best practices, user research, and customer feedback. Researchers will find a new order for the limiters based on usage metrics, styling choices that make the pages more uniform and reduce blank space, and restyling that makes selected search terms stand out to users as they complete their searches. 

In this latest round of enhancements, we’ve improved the multi-select dropdowns by integrating a filterable dropdown checklist as seen in the Advanced Search.

Have questions about these updates or want more guidance to support researchers? Browse training and marketing materials on the Gale support site anytime, or contact your customer success manager to discuss your needs.

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