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At one time or another, almost everyone has broken the rules and written in a textbook. When I was in school, our teachers reviewed our books at the end of the year and we had to pay a fine if they found writing in them; at the end of every school year I would frantically erase the notes and doodles that I had written on the pages of each textbook. Now, with Gale’s Highlights and Notes tool – available in Kids InfoBits, as well as many other Gale products – those days are over for students of all ages.

1. Select a clock of text, click Highlight, and choose a color to highlight text

Kids InfoBits is built to be both powerful and easy-to-use, and the Highlights and Notes tool fits that description perfectly. Easy enough for kids to use on their own and powerful enough for librarians and teachers, the tool allows users to select text, highlight it in any color, add their own notes, and save the information for later use. The saved sections can then be printed, e-mailed, or downloaded, and our integrated citation tools make it easy to track your sources.

A great way to introduce young learners to educational databases, using Highlights and Notes in Kids InfoBits also builds critical thinking skills by allowing them to find important information in multiple sources within the product and mark the most important facts in each. Educators can use the tool to select key portions of different articles to send to students or to use as a guide for a given day’s lesson.

2. Click Notes to add your own thoughts
2. Click Notes to add your own thoughts

In addition to Kids InfoBits, Highlights and Notes is availabile in Artemis Literary Sources, GVRL, In Context, InfoTrac, Literature Resource Center, LitFinder, and PowerSearch. For more information, call us today at 1-800-877-GALE.






3. Add multiple highlighted sections in one article, or across multiple pages
4. Click Highlights and Notes to view a summary of your highlighted sections









5. View, Print, E-mail, or Download your notes and use Citation Tools on the Highlights and Notes page
Citation Tools
6. Citation Tools allow you to Download or Select citation information in multiple formats













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