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An ongoing look at the partner publishers available through GVRL.

By Michelle Eickmeyer

For many of us, Encyclopedia Britannica has long represented the place to go to find information on just about everything. While the look of the book has changed, and how students and your community interact with it have changed, the standard of excellence has not. Founded nearly 250 years ago, Encyclopedia Britannica is still a trusted source of all kinds of information.

Since we launched our first e-book in 2012, Gale has been a valuable and supportive partner, with the ability to reach more than 8000 customers worldwide.


What we like about Gale is their interest in being a partner, not just a vendor. They promote our e-books with the same enthusiasm and expertise that they employ for their own publications.


They understand the need and value in aligning our products with customer needs, such as 21st Century learning and Common Core state standards. Their sales force fully embraces the value and differentiation of the Britannica brand and continue to build awareness in the K-12 market. They have the capability to market and sell all of our titles, not just selected subjects.


With e-books that cover virtually every subject, and new curriculum-correlated products, it’s no surprise our titles perform so well on Gale Virtual Reference Library.  Together we have high expectations for future growth and in engaging new and existing customers.


Michael Ross
Senior Vice President
Encyclopedia Britannica

EBLogoWhat’s available on GVRL?

Encyclopedia Britannica titles are available under the Britannica Digital Learning, Britannica Educational Publishing and Encyclopedia Britannica imprints. Currently over 825 titles available, with titles for every library; new titles will be added as they become available.



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