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An ongoing look at partner publishers available through GVRL

By Geoff Schwartz

Since 2001, Cengage Learning PTR has been publishing how-to books on the most popular fields and hobbies in the media technology realm and beyond. Featuring top technology help guides and new material on topics in business and education, some of their most popular areas include digital photography, game development, music and audio production, career development, and arts and crafts.

Among their other great publications, we’re proud to offer Cengage Learning PTR’s digital camera guides from their exclusive #1 bestselling camera author David Busch. He’s constantly publishing new industry-leading field guides on the latest digital and digital SLR cameras and technologies.

Cengage Learning PTR strives to provide readers with the necessary resources to learn and adopt skills and hobbies that will last a lifetime – their how-to books are the launching pad to your success. Develop unique abilities. Master challenging software. Discover a new talent. Whatever the application, we’re thrilled to help you embark on your next adventure!

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For a list of current Cengage Learning PTR titles available on GVRL, click here.



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