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An ongoing look at partner publishers available through GVRL

By Geoff Schwartz

Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc. is owned and operated by former teacher and reading specialist, Barbara Mitchell. Begun in 1992, Mitchell Lane is dedicated to developing educational content for the less-than-enthusiastic reader. Not kids who are unable to read, but those who just don’t want to. Mitchell Lane’s books are designed to hook kids right from the very first sentence with the bright and cheerful designs and layouts. While Mitchell Lane books are easy reading, that doesn’t mean they’re short on information, it’s all in there. Their experienced authors know just the right balance of information to include in each informational or narrative nonfiction book.

For a list of current Mitchell Lane titles available on GVRL, click here.





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Geoff is a Renaissance man, who can often be found reading about obscure historical topics, working on cars, or debating world affairs. He comes from a family of teachers and has a BA in communications.

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