February Is American Heart Month

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| By Brigham Narins |

February was designated American Heart Month by the American Heart Association, and the first official observance was established by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1963. The purpose of the month-long observance is to raise awareness of heart diseases—the number one killers of Americans, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—and to tell people about all the steps they can take to minimize their risks and improve their health.

Gale’s Health and Wellness Resource Center provides access to a wealth of information about heart disease and heart health. This month, we are spotlighting three portals that span the range of cardiac issues:

  • Heart disease
  • Exercise
  • Heart-healthy diets

Each of these portals feature an overview article from one of our esteemed encyclopedias covering health and medical subjects. The portals also provide access to a plethora of other information, including reference articles, magazine articles, news, images, videos, podcasts, and articles from academic journals.

Be sweet to your heart! Examine risk factors, symptoms and more by visiting Gale’s Health & Wellness Resource Center

Meet the Author

Brigham Narins has worked on the editorial staff at Gale for more than 20 years. Although he started out working on literary criticism products, he has edited and managed numerous health and medical titles for more than nine years, making him practically a doctor. (Please Note: For medical advice, don’t ask him, seek out board-certified medical professionals.)

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