Flit, Float, Fly Away

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Posted on March 3, 2016

By Candy Jones-Guerin

Spring is on the way and we can’t wait to start exploring outside. There are a lot of fun ways to help quench spring fever in your classroom and on March 14th you have the perfect opportunity with ‘National Learn About Butterflies Day’!

Does your school have a butterfly garden? Are there opportunities to watch a butterfly emerge from his chrysalis in your classroom? Do you use butterflies to talk about the life cycle? We have a collection of Gale titles for grade school and middle school classes to help get you going. Take a peek and let us know how you will be integrating these resources and more in your classroom.

Butterflies and Moths, 1st Edition
This book describes and compares the physical characteristics, habitat, behavior, life cycle, diet, and reproduction of these amazing insects.

Caterpillars and Butterflies, 1st Edition
Identify specific caterpillar and butterfly species. Explore their behavior, life cycle, mating habits, geographical location, anatomy, enemies, and defenses.

Busy, Busy, Butterfly, 1st Edition
The simple text and brilliant photos will capture tots’ attention as they learn how a caterpillar transforms to a beautiful butterfly.

Butterfly Gardens, 1st Edition
Butterfly gardens are in special exhibits and conservatories. This book describes where the butterflies come from, what they eat, and their life in the conservatory.

Small Space Garden Ideas, 1st Edition
Creative ideas for making use of every growing space available. From windowsills and hanging baskets to containers and vertical gardens, Small Space Garden Ideas shows how to create a dream garden, through step-by-step projects from start to finish.

Want to see more? Access an instant trial for Gale eBooks (GVRL) and Kids InfoBits or explore our National Geographic Virtual Library and browse for yourself to discover titles to keep your students exploring and learning.


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