Future Architect in the Library

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By Sue P. 

Third-grade career day, everyone dressed-up as their future career-self, sitting in the gym listening to parents talk about their professions, proved to be the day that set my future. My best friend’s dad, an architect, showed us the new county library building he was designing. It struck me because it was so modern, so different than any of the colonial and victorian buildings that formed our town. He talked about my favorite place, the library, about what an architect does and about the design. I knew at that moment, my eight-year-old self knew I wanted to be an architect. The idea that a place that entertains me, expands my mind, my view of the world, the public library, could be something I could create, continues to inspire me. Today, I am an architect, practicing in St. Louis, Missouri and I design still my favorite place, libraries.

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