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Soon, schools will be closing for summer break. But in addition to pool parties and family vacations, that final bell signifies something else for K–12 teachers: time to begin creating lessons for the next school year.

Before you submit your final grades and head for the pool, check out the top-notch curricular planning resources housed in your school’s Gale subscription. Gale In Context databases are relevant for all teachers and span everything from environmental studies and biology to world history and literature. Our team curates specialty products for elementary, middle, and high school students—each offering individualized learning tools and search customizations for your students’ needs.

In addition to student-driven databases, Gale In Context: For Educators can amplify your lesson planning and classroom goals for the next school year. It integrates effortlessly with each Gale In Context product, providing easy customizations and organizational features designed for hardworking teachers.

Get a head start on the upcoming school year while getting more time back this summer with Gale’s organizational tools and pre-made content.

Reading ability is critical to long-term success. However, elementary teachers must present information in an inclusive and supportive way for students at different levels. With Gale In Context: Elementary, young learners can leverage helpful customization features to make content more accessible:

  • Adjustable font and text size; larger fonts and spacing help the reader slow down and improve their reading comprehension while sharing the same materials as their peers.
  • Built-in definitions for challenging vocabulary.
  • Beginning and advanced-level versions are available for most articles.
  • Translation options for English as a Second Language (ESL) students, supporting more than 50 languages.

Gale’s learning customization tools empower early learners and remove traditional barriers, reducing the stigma around differentiated reading abilities. They support your classroom’s diverse learning needs and help ensure that your students move forward, together.

As you design your elementary lesson plans this summer, familiarize yourself with these valuable features. Gale In Context: For Educators houses webinars, how-to guides, and video tutorials designed to help teachers master Galedatabases and thus better guide their students.

Your middle schoolers are ready to develop their early research skills. Gale In Context: Middle School is a bridge between elementary reading fundamentals and the critical thinking ability they will need for high school.

Our designated middle school database presents information in an inviting, easy-to-search format that protects beginning researchers from the potential bias and misinformation housed in traditional search engines. Middle school teachers can assign a research topic with full confidence that the material in the collection is rich and age-appropriate, allowing students to freely search for answers in the database. Gale In Context: Middle School provides the learning autonomy students need to build their confidence and nurture their curiosity.

Our databases elevate any subject. To help you get started, Gale In Context: For Educators provides ready-made, curriculum-aligned lesson plans, themed collections, and discussion questions across various topics. Swap ideas with colleagues via dedicated teacher collaboration space.

As your students grow and their learning needs evolve, so must your curriculum. These shortcuts help you save time and deliver effective, engaging classes that meet your students’ academic demands.

Your high school students are eager for independence and preparing for their post-graduation goals. As a high school teacher, you must ensure that your lessons meet state curricular requirements and prepare students for career and college success. Gale In Context: High School can help you achieve these goals.

Every Gale article provides source information and recommended resources for more in-depth reading, allowing students to effortlessly build a bibliography for their research. Information is housed in a vetted database that embraces multiple perspectives, inspires critical thinking, and fosters curiosity in young adults.

The Gale In Context: For Educators database has the tools you need to nurture your high schoolers’ critical thinking and provide concrete skills for their career ambitions. Discover career and technical education resources, including test preparation tools, professional development guidance for job interviews, and other important next steps. Foster their essential life skills in financial literacy and personal health.

Gale databases integrate with your district’s learning management system (LMS), letting you cultivate opportunities for remote learning and independent study. With Gale In Context: For Educators, teachers can easily assign materials and embed helpful notes and external links to guide students in their individual post-high school goals.

Beyond your K–12 lesson planning, Gale In Context: For Educators has resources specifically for teachers. We provide tutorials for Gale features and LMS integration to help you maximize your subscription’s potential. We even offer guidance on maximizing state and federal funding opportunities, like the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds and the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act.

With Gale’s new Learning Center, K–12 educators can take control of their professional growth. We provide coaching and professional development materials (even games) to help you master Gale functionality, tip sheets to improve research, and on-demand training to enhance your classroom’s DEI initiatives. Whatever your professional objectives for next year, the digital assets in Gale In Context: For Educators can help you attain them.

Gale In Context: For Educators is a highly effective tool for all K–12 teachers, regardless of expertise or years of professional experience. Leverage prepared learning activities organized by course subject. Take advantage of the comprehensive search functionality to browse every Gale In Context database to quickly identify resources for assigned reading. As you search, you can also filter by Lexile range to ensure your assigned reading is appropriate to learner needs.

In addition to individual classroom needs, Gale In Context: For Educators offers a collaborative platform to help teachers work efficiently, improve their practice, and pool resources throughout the district. Staff can save and share lesson plans and specific articles—and even highlight and add their own notes within the content.

As the semester ends, let Gale jumpstart your planning for the next school year. If your institution is not a current Gale subscriber, contact your local representative to learn more about our products for students and teachers.

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