Gale Artemis: Literary Sources and Literature Criticism Online Update

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Presents came early for some of your favorite literature resources. As of December 18, the ability to browse the entire volume from ‘About this Publication’ page for all Literature Criticism Online (LCO) series in Gale Artemis: Literary Sources and LCO has been added. The default “Search within publication” will now be within the particular volume instead of the entire series. This change will yield better, more focused results.

After clicking the What’s Inside link, you can find your library’s databses within LCO to locate specific volumes:


LCO image 1Many users have used these features and subsequently missed them when LCO’s interface updated. Their return will support browsing and enhance discoverability, which should make for an overall better user experience.

For example, a professor who likes showing his students the “Three Sisters” entry from Volume 9 of Drama Criticism because it features photographs from the original production of the play in 1901 wasn’t able to easily locate that document. With the features returning, he can continue showing this fascinating teaching material with ease.

From Your Library’s Databases, the professor can easily locate Volume 9:

LCO image 2

After finding Volume 9, the professor can click on the Table of Contents and locate his document with a few simple clicks:

LCo image 3

More enhancements are coming to both Gale Artemis: Literary Sources and Literature Criticism Online in the near future to create a better user experience and better search results. Check back later to learn more about the updates as they are released.Women Air Jordan 1 Mid “Crimson Tint” 852542-801 Pink White Online, Price: $88.58 – Air Jordan Shoes

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