3 thoughts on “Gale Becomes First to Offer Google Classroom Integration to Libraries”

  1. If our institution is not a Google Apps for Education customer or we we don’t use Google Classroom, can we suppress these new buttons in the interface? Gale has done good work in the past year updating the In Context interface, and now it feels like it is getting junked up with features that will only appeal to some of your customers.

    • Hi Stephen,

      Thank you for taking time to share your feedback. Our goal is to serve all customers and end-users no matter what technology is in use. As we explore new partnerships and functionality, delivering the best possible user experience/interface is always top of mind. Based on our existing user experience research, we do know that banner placement of such tools is the least disruptive, but to your point, we certainly don’t want this space to be perceived as cluttered. Your feedback has been shared directly with our Product Management team for consideration as we continue to refine and enhance our products.

      Specifically regarding your question around use of Google Apps for Education—any individual with a Google Account can take advantage of the ability to save, share and download via Google apps like Drive and Docs. And any email address (non-Gmail) can be used to create a Google Account. Use of these features is not dependent upon an institutions adoption of Google Apps for Education.

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions or suggestions.

      Harmony Faust
      Sr. Director of Marketing

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