Gale Celebrates Career Technical Education Month with New GVRL Collections

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| By Nicole Albrecht |

In today’s economy, challenging and high-skill employment opportunities are in demand, and secondary schools are striving to fill those opportunities with well-trained, motivated, and “career-ready” students. Through Career and Technical Education (CTE) centers and programs, high schools across America prepare their students for future careers through the framework and study standards provided by the Advanced CTE. The Advanced CTE provides the standards, objectives, and career strands for secondary and post-secondary schools offering Career and Technical Education for students. There are 16 career clusters with over 79 career pathways that make up the programs of study in the framework.

Schools looking to supplement their CTE program can find what they need our new CTE collections in GVRL. Each of the 16 clusters are represented in our CTE collection.

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
In the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources cluster, students seek employment opportunities in a wide range of fields such as food products and processing, plant and animal systems, and environmental and natural systems. Employment positions in these fields are diverse and exciting, as are the resources carefully chosen to supplement the cluster. For example, if a student wants to pursue a career in Wildlife Biology the Macmillan Reference text, Biology, which has four comprehensive volumes would fit the position perfectly. Biotechnology: In Context, by Gale is covered in this collection as well, which also is great for a student pursuing a career as a Biotechnical Lab Technician.

Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications
There are also texts in each cluster that relates to a field, but can be used as more of an extension to a student’s education. In the Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications cluster, students learn about designing, producing, performing and writing, including many visual and performing arts and entertainment services. Students interested in jobs such as an Illustrator or Media Artist can find information in learning how to draw using the ReferencePoint Press series, Discovering Art. There are many topics to choose from in this series such as anime and manga, graphic arts, impressionism and more. For students seeking careers in Fashion, this cluster collection offers many great titles to support this; Clothing and Fashion: American Fashion from Head to Toe by ABC-CLIO which covers the historical significance of fashion trends and Inventions in Fashion: From Rawhide to Rayon by Cavendish Square offers students a look at the scientifically engineered fabrics, the people who invented them and more.

Health Sciences
One of the most popular clusters is Health Sciences, where students can take career pathways into therapeutic, health, support, and diagnostic services. Gale offers extensive and thorough encyclopedias that cover a wide range of health and medical subjects. The Gale Encyclopedia of Fitness and The Gale Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Food Labels are outstanding titles for students wanting to become a Dietician or Nutritionist. The Gale Encyclopedia of Children’s Health for Pediatric careers and The Gale Encyclopedia of Senior Health for Geriatrics. For students seeking a career in psychology, The Handbook of Counselling Psychology by SAGE would be a starting point. This book comprehensively covers the field of counselling psychology by exploring theories, approaches and professional issues. There are many titles in Health Sciences that support other areas, but the Health Reference Series by Omnigraphics is truly a basic medical information series that provides comprehensive coverage about diseases or chronic disorders. There are nearly 100 titles and is considered a layman’s read, meaning anyone easily understand and read about what interests them. This series is a great supplement for students going into the Health Sciences as it provides straight-forward facts from a medical resource that helps educate students about diseases and disorders.

Supporting Collections
In addition to the cluster collections, we also offer Career and College Ready Practices collections, focusing on skills needed to be successful in college and the workplace. Personal finance, college applications, writing scientific papers and other forms of essays, as well as mastering certain exams and research skills are found in the College Ready Practice collection. In the Career Ready collection, students can read about teamwork, communication, problem-solving, management skills and traits as well as handling personal relationships with family and friends, staying positive amongst negativity, and how to prepare for the interviewing process.

Learn more about the Career and Technical Education cluster and supporting collections on GVRL >>

About the Author

Nicole is a certified high school teacher from Michigan. She has her Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on Adolescent Literacy. As a former teacher, Nicole recognizes the importance of curating eBook collections that meet the needs of the school and students. She loves reading and spending time with her parrot, Turkey.

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