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Gale Directory Library has recently undergone significant updates to improve its user experience.  The addition of essential workflow tools and expanded data sorting, filtering, and exporting will make this popular collection of online directories easier to use than ever before.

We’re excited to introduce the following enhancements to Gale Directory Library:


  • Cover images now display for each series and include a description of the content within.
  • Cover images link to an “About this Series” page where a user can search against the most recent edition or entire series. They can also select individual editions within a series, and see an “About this Publication” page.
  • New tools now included in the product: Search History, Highlights and Notes, My Folder, Bookmark, and Title List.


  • Users can download to Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, locally, or via email.
  • Combined export now includes Common, Expanded, and People options from the same screen. Delivery options are also included.
  • Now able to export up to 1,000 records per export from the user’s search results. Range can be input (e.g. 1,000-2,000) to export subsequent records.

Basic Search

  • Relevance added to basic search—closer matches sort to the top of the search results list.
  • Options that may have been confusing were removed (Entity Name, Subject, Keyword) and combined into a single basic search.
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Advanced Search

  • Simplified product selection enables users to cross search content.
  • Browsable search indexes are available that allow users to select search terms from a drop-down menu or make check-box selections.
  • Industry codes (SIC/NAICS) prompt a selection window to pop up, which makes it easier for the user to browse and select the right code.
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Find below, a list of titles migrating to the new experience on April 17:

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Canceled/Discontinued Titles

Below, find the complete list of directories that have been discontinued (will not publish a new edition) and will not be moved over to the new product experience. This means that after April 2018, you will need to access these titles via MARC records, as well as on These titles will also remain available on the legacy (old) platform for approximately one year after the cut over and can be accessed here: (NOTE: you will need to log-in with your institution’s ID and password). You will also retain the data files provided through Overdrive on with your purchase.

American Wholesalers and Distributors Directory
Awards, Honors & Prizes
Directories in Print
Gale Directory of Databases
Information Industry Directory
Law and Legal Information Directory
Melton’s Encyclopedia of American Religions
National Email and Fax Directory
Telecommunications Directory
Tradeshows Worldwide
Graham and Whiteside Major Companies (series)
Carroll’s Government Directories (series)

Ready to become an expert on Gale Directory Library? Be sure to check out the on-demand recorded webinar. This webinar covers the resource’s new, user-friendly tools, and also shares best practices for searching for relevant listings.

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