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| By Kristin Mallegg |

I vividly recall receiving my first college assignment to write a report and heading off to the university library to start my research.  I walked through the massive front doors and stopped – the library was huge and I had absolutely no idea where to start. A few years later, I experienced similar feelings as I embarked on market research for my first job.

As the new Business Content Strategist at Gale, I found myself faced with an equally daunting task. I needed to expand my understanding of Gale’s impressive business content, as well as the subject of business as a whole. Like the fledgling college student frozen in the library lobby, I looked for a place to start and this time I turned immediately to Gale’s industry encyclopedias. With unparalleled breadth and depth, these encyclopedias provide insight into American, global, and emerging industries.

Encyclopedia of American Industries, 7th ed.

The seventh edition of the Encyclopedia of American Industries provides detailed, comprehensive information on every realm of American business. This three volume set is arranged by the industry standard North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and includes an essay for every one of the 1057 NAICS codes included in the 2017 update to this system.

Typical Encyclopedia of American Industries essays include an overview; a description of the industry’s size, status, organization and structure; a discussion of its history, development, and current conditions; profiles of pioneers in the field; trends and long-term outlook; leading companies; employment outlook; and a bibliography of further reading sources. Hundreds of tables and charts are provided to illustrate significant statistical data and trends.

Encyclopedia of Global Industries, 6th ed.

The recently updated Encyclopedia of Global Industries is a key source for information on global industry sectors. Approximately 125 in-depth entries chronicle the history, development and current status of the world’s most lucrative and high-profile industries.

Like Encyclopedia of American Industries, the entries in the Encyclopedia of Global Industries also cover size and status; organization and structure; history and development; and workforce. The encyclopedia also identifies industry topics with corresponding categories from the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), which is a critical feature for comparative research.

Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries, 7th ed.

Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries provides insight into the inception, emergence, and current status of new industries, business segments that are pioneering new technologies, and those introducing break-through marketing strategies or implementing innovative means of serving new markets. Topics were chosen based on industries and businesses in the news, industries experiencing significant growth, businesses that use or produce cutting-edge technologies, and industries from a wide assortment of ranked lists and content experts.

The approximately 140 essays in Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries share a similar structure with the other industry encyclopedias. An Industry Index references the 2017 NAICS codes that correspond to each of the encyclopedia’s industry topics.

Gale’s industry encyclopedias offer students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business professionals (including Business Content Strategists) comprehensive information on American, global, and emerging industries as well as the statistical and contextual data needed for full understanding. All three encyclopedias reference the 2017 NAICS, which is used by business researchers to provide common statistical and conceptual language for the study of industry. Along with the print editions of these encyclopedias, the entries are available in GVRL, Business Insights: Global, and Business Insights: Essentials to facilitate cross research.

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With over 20 years of experience producing reference content for libraries, Kristin transitioned into a new role as the Content Strategist for business content. She welcomes the opportunity to talk with the people who use Gale products to find out what they need in terms of business content and how Gale can best help them reach their goals. When Kristin’s not in a library or reading a book, she can usually be found behind a camera trying to capture moments in time.

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