Gale Kids InfoBits Product Enhancements Launching on May 29

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| By Gintas Bradunas and Jennifer Rand |

Let the countdown begin! On Friday, May 29, 2020, Gale Kids InfoBits will receive product enhancements and become Gale In Context: Elementary. These product enhancements are designed to increase access to library resources and have a greater impact on user success, both in the classroom and online.

Product screen capture as of March 2020. Actual interface may vary.

The updated product name—Gale In Context: Elementary—reflects Gale’s commitment toward supporting the full progression of a student as they develop their research abilities. It also empowers educators with additional clarity around which product best fits the needs of their students.

In addition to an updated product name, Gale Kids InfoBits will also receive the following product enhancements:

  • Kid-Friendly Interface
    A completely redesigned user experience created specifically for young students that encourages exploration through a visual topic tree.

  • Topic Pages (previously known as portals)
    Topic pages provide students with short, age-appropriate summaries for topics and organize resources for easy use in research projects.

  • Leveled Content
    Leveled topic overviews provide users with both a basic and advanced version of the same overview, allowing educators to differentiate instruction.

  • I Wonder . . .
    I Wonder questions engage young users’ curiosity and draw them into topics. Continuously updated, the I Wonder question on the home page encourages daily exploration.

  • Rich Content
    Search through over 16,600 indexed images, 600 videos, and 1,700 charts and graphs.

  • Powerful Platform
    The migration to a new proprietary platform will allow users to:

    • Search by Lexile range or find content based on basic, intermediate, or advanced learning levels to support differentiated learning styles.

    • Use ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology and on-demand article translation into over 20 languages—on-screen and read-aloud.

    • Use citation tools to easily create a bibliography for their research.

    • Use the Highlights and Notes feature to annotate and track their questions and ideas.

Product screen capture as of March 2020. Actual interface may vary.

Training and support materials will be available in the coming months to help make this a smooth transition for libraries. Stay tuned for more information! FASHION NEWS

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