Gale Partners with OECM

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Providing K‒12 Literacy and Research Digital Tools

| By Danielle Bleecher |

As Ontario schools consider more ways to support student literacy and research through in-person and virtual instruction, educators are looking to student databases for help. Gale, a Cengage company, is pleased to partner with the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) on their Literacy Digital Tools and Research Digital Tools agreement, featuring comprehensive software for students from kindergarten to grade 12.

When asked about the partnership with Gale, Agnes Tijet, senior supplier relationship manager at OECM, shared:

”Gale is a newly awarded supplier partner on OECM’s Literacy Digital Tools and Research Digital Tools agreement. This agreement was developed in consultation with Ontario’s Ministry of Education (MEDU) and various District School Boards across the province. Gale’s functionalities, integrations, and trainings were aligned with OECM’s requirements, which is why they were chosen as one of the awarded supplier partners.”

It has always been a priority of Gale’s to collaborate with Ontario schools and bridge the gap between libraries and classrooms. COVID-19 has created significant challenges, but it has also allowed for growth. Having libraries more easily connect digital content from Gale to instruction will not only save teachers time, but ease anxiety as they work tirelessly to support diverse student needs. Most importantly, Gale integration supports equity of access to high-quality content for all learners.

Library databases have become interchangeable with the term “instructional portals.” As learning models have changed from in person to hybrid, and as budgets become more precarious, the value of the instructional utility that Gale’s databases provide is significant and impactful to educators, students, and parents. Gale databases are designed to engage students by connecting them to quality, current multimedia content, while empowering them to own their learning. Gale resources offer digital content that includes accessibility tools, allowing teachers to differentiate instruction while meeting the needs of all learners.

Gale looks forward to the opportunity to partner further with Ontario school boards. Opening meaningful dialogue between school departments is a focus of our work. We want to share the message that the digital content coming from the library supports board-wide initiatives. You’ve told us that school boards are focused on transforming learning and improving academic performance in a time when all of us are in survival mode. Now is the time for collaboration between departments, as we keep student learning, outcomes, equity of access, and engagement top priorities. Learn more.

Meet the Author

Danielle Bleecher

Danielle has been part of the Gale family since 2003. Her passion is connecting students, educators, and communities to essential resources that support all aspects of learning. She believes the library is the heart of a school and is always asking, “What other department impacts every aspect of schoolwide initiatives?” Danielle’s goal is to bring awareness of how Gale can impact education through student-centered and professional learning digital resources for educators. She’s especially proud of the work Gale has done to focus on diversity and inclusion and supporting students’ mental health.

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