Gave Me My Career

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By Sandy S. 

I have always had a love affair with libraries. The architecture, the scent of old and new books mixed with copier toner, the always cool and somewhat drafty feel of the air still permeate my childhood memories. My affection was born there, but it did not mature until college. While attending Baylor University as an undergraduate student, I was blessed with a work study job in the library. I am convinced that I worked in the fine arts library was the absolute best department and the librarian in charge was the best librarian. When he discovered my love for museums and artifacts, he probed my interest in old things by giving me the task of organizing a room containing a special collection of sheet music. The experience was eye-opening for me. It was then that I knew that my career would be found in the library. From that day forward, my goal was to graduate from college and then go to graduate school and earn my Master of Library Science. I accomplished that goal and am now in my 8th year as a high school librarian. The rest, as they say, is history!Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 Red Black White – Buy Air Jordan 1 Retro (white / black / varsity red), Price: $60.85 – Air Jordan Shoes

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