Gender: Sources, Perspectives and Methodologies Provides Patrons with a “Great Deal of Information”

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Immerse researchers in the study of gender with Gender: Sources, Perspectives and Methodologies. Highlighting queer, women’s, and men’s studies, Gender fosters critical thought in gender and sexuality. By employing literature, film, art, history, and other disciplines, Gender: Sources, Perspectives and Methodologies provides researchers with a “great deal of information.”

Take a peak at what a reviewer had to say:

“The 31 chapters in this volume, written by scholars from institutions in six countries, are quite diverse: ecology, erotics, literature, disability, pornography, posthuman, etc. Each chapter includes a bibliography, including films and Websites when appropriate. There is a great deal of information provided on these topics, from the point of view of the evolution of study and research in this field…Libraries who serve students and other readers with some previous engagement with these topics will benefit most from the richness of this text, and its forthcoming successors.”

-Mark Schumacher, American Reference Books Annual, 2016

Gender: Sources, Perspectives, and Methodologies serves as a primer to the study of gender, including women’s, queer, and men’s studies. The approximately 32 chapters identify areas of critical thought and practice in gender and sexuality studies; provide an overview of central themes, current topics, and seminal debates; and offer resources for further research. Targeting undergraduates as well as the educated lay reader, Gender: Sources, Perspectives, and Methodologies introduces themes of subsequent volumes in the series as well as a selection of additional topics (e.g., new media, music, disability). Chapters are written by eminent scholars, are peer reviewed, include illustrations, and offer bibliographies to encourage further research. The volume concludes with a glossary and a comprehensive index.

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