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Posted on March 24, 2016

Originally posted in November 2015 by Henrietta Verma of Library Journal

Job seekers are some of your library’s most frequent users. They all seek the same goal—satisfying employment, quickly—but they have varying skills, educational levels, and different needs. One may need a part time job while his children are at school, for example, while another may be seeking leads on a high-level corporate position. Still others will be looking for internships and volunteer work that will enhance their résumé while they seek paying work. Among the thousands of books available on GVRL are many for those seeking a new job or a career change. See below for links to just a few of the relevant titles.

Ferrera, Miranda Herbert & Michele P. LaMeau. Social Skills. (Life and Career Skills, Vol. 4). 2014.
Today’s employers emphasize soft skills as being highly important to them—abilities such as having friendly yet professional business conversations, networking well, and getting along with coworkers. Social Skills helps readers understand and master these essential behaviors, emphasizing work situations and including information on verbal and nonverbal communication, ethics, etiquette, and more.

Ferrera, Miranda Herbert & Michele P. LaMeau. Employment. (Life and Career Skills, Vol. 2). 2014.

Ferrera and LaMeau use a practical tone in this primer that starts with gaining job skills and continues through thriving in the workplace once the reader has succeeded in landing a position. It’s just what those new to the job market need, but will also work well with patrons who have been out of the workforce for a while and who need a refresher on how to interview, negotiate a salary, etc.

Thomas, Stefan. Business Networking for Dummies. Wiley. 2014.
The “For Dummies” books have a well-deserved reputation for covering topics thoroughly and in accessible and fun ways, and those who hate networking will welcome the series treatment of this often-feared task. The book discusses topics such as how to pitch yourself and your business, “work a room,” blend your online and in-person networking efforts, and follow up successfully. Never dread a cocktail party again!

Wendleton, Kate. Mastering the Job Interview and Winning the Money Game. 5th ed. (The Five O’Clock Club). CMastering-the-Job-Interviewengage Learning PTR. 2014.
Wendleton promises to teach readers how to uncover something that’s very difficult to find out: who your competitors are for a particular job and how they stack up against you. She also discusses how to make the reference-checking process go in your favor, salary negotiation, and the first step to long-term success: starting your new job on the right foot.

Provenzano, Steven. Blue Collar Resumes. Course Technology. 2012.
A large proportion of the job seeking population in your library will be veterans, and they have specific skills and needs. A book that offers résumé examples for former members of the armed forces, as
this one does, will therefore be a welcome addition to your virtual shelves. Provenzano also covers today’s job-search tools such as LinkedIn.

Kramer, Eric P. Active Interviewing. Course Technology PTR. 2014.
The job interview is broken, says Kramer. Instead of concentrating on the questions and answers of old, he says, candidates should treat the job search as a sales process and the interview as a sales call. Specific steps include linking your background to the critical job requirements and telling stories that persuade the employer that you’re “the one.”

Webb, Maynard & Carlye Adler. Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship. Jossey-Bass. 2013.
For the patron who wants to be the boss, whether because of true entrepreneurial spirit or a lack of jobs out there, Webb and Adler offer tips on changing how you think about work and how to start your own company.

Plus, the GVRL platform offers:

  • Integrated Google tools—Once logged in, users can easily share and download articles — including their highlights and notes — using Google Apps for Education tools, like Google Drive.
  • Cover-to-cover DRM-free PDF format, delivering a colorful, visual experience.
  • Indexing at the title, chapter, and article level, so users can zoom directly to the information they need and search multiple eBooks at once.
  • ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology

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