Greater Accessibility for Gale Literature Databases

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| By Gale Staff |

We are pleased to announce that additional accessibility features are now available within Gale Literature: Dictionary of Literary Biography, Gale Literature: Something About the Author, and Gale Literature Criticism.

In February, plain text optical character recognition (OCR) at the page level was introduced to Dictionary of Literary Biography and Something About the Author. The OCR will mirror the PDF text throughout an entry, meaning:

  • When paging forward, the OCR will refresh and mirror the new page.
  • When viewing in the default one-page view, the OCR will display for just that page.
  • Alternatively, when viewing in the two-page view, the OCR will display for both pages.

This enhancement also introduced the listen functionality to these resources, a long-awaited enhancement.

Furthermore, the downloadable OCR feature became available in the March release, providing a new level of access to documents within Dictionary of Literary Biography, Something About the Author, and Gale Literature Criticism. Researchers can now download a selected document and get the plain text for that entire document.

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