Have Our Advertising Efforts Stalled? Share Your Thoughts on Gale’s Newest Campaign

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By Harmony Faust 

Gale has a long history of sponsoring different events and programs for our library partners at the various tradeshows we attend throughout each year. We love to throw a good party and often sponsor opening receptions, luncheons and of course, the busses at ALA Annual.

At this year’s PLA in Indianapolis, one exhibitor was really out-of-the-box in their brand-building campaign. They sponsored the stairs in the convention hall and afforded us all the privilege of hearing Simon Sinek’s Big Ideas session. Perhaps most surprisingly, though, they advertised in the bathrooms.

As a marketer, I have to commend Innovative for their….well….innovative approach to getting the word out there in such unexpected ways. Each time I had to visit the facilities, I appreciated how they challenged the status quo by placing those signs inside every stall door.

Well, as the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So today, we’re happy to announce that we will be stealing borrowing their idea of sponsoring the bathrooms at future conferences. What better way to share a one-on-one connection with your intended audience, removed from the din and distraction of the exhibition hall?

Besides, we have the most perfect idea for a bathroom ad.

Large Print Ad from Gale’s Thorndike Press

What do you think? Good to break the mold? Too bold?
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About the Author

Harmony Faust is Gale’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications. She channels her passion for libraries into her volunteer work, serving as a member of the steering committee for the Corporate Committee for Library Investment and on the Board of Directors for EveryLibrary, the only national organization dedicated to building voter support for libraries. Harmony lives in Plymouth, Michigan, with her husband, dog and two young children. Her opinions are her own.

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3 thoughts on “Have Our Advertising Efforts Stalled? Share Your Thoughts on Gale’s Newest Campaign”

  1. HAH! Love this idea! Now, Harmony, let’s discuss which events you’ll be advertising in the stalls 😉 We can fight for them!

    Seriously, glad you at least noticed our ads!

    April Mitchell
    Marketing Director

    • Technically, you have dibs, but if you play well with others, maybe we can negotiate an every other stall contract?

      Thanks for the comment and being a good sport about our April Fool’s joke. Though the ad is not serious, the kudos to you for your recent creativity are sincere.

      See you at the next show!



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