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| By Jennifer Rand & Kristin Fust |

We’re excited to announce that Gale completed the first phase of a multi-phase project to release experience and design changes across its portfolio of products.

Over 70 products across the Gale In Context, Gale OneFile, Gale Business, Gale Literature, and Gale eBooks product families received product enhancements this summer. A complete list can be found at support.gale.com/product-enhancements.

The experience and design changes include:

Image of the new Gale experience on laptop and mobile

  • Enhanced product platform—Provides a unified experience across Gale products.
  • Upgraded search results—Highlights important evaluative information to support successful user outcomes and help users discover relevant content.
  • Streamlined user interface—Delivers an engaging experience that allows quick access to search tools, relevant content, prominent library co-branding and collaborative features like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Updated product names—Presents a greater understanding of Gale products, what they do, and how they’re used to empower learning.

The product enhancements are designed to increase access to library resources online, in the classroom and have a greater impact on user success.

Specific updates include:

  • A contextual and “sticky” toolbar ensures that the most important research tools are always in the user’s view.

"Sticky" toolbar allowing users to cite, send, download, print, get link, or highlight and note research snippets

  • A streamlined presentation of search facets provides an at-a-glance view of filtering options and reduces overwhelm when navigating search results.
  • New functionality lets users make multiple selections within each facet when limiting search results.
  • Text resizing tools are being added to all database and eBook products.
  • New Explore panel groups supplemental support tools, including “More Like This” article suggestions, to promote further exploration of the resource.

In December 2019, Gale is expected to release the next phase of enhancements to additional Gale Literature products and Gale Primary Sources products.

For more information about the enhancements and to view a list of products that will be included in upcoming phases, visit gale.com/product-enhancements.


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