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By Kim Martin

Meet Rose, the avid gardener She loves getting outdoors, working in the soil, and seeing her efforts take root, grow and bloom. Well, to be honest, she’s fairly new to gardening… and has lots of questions. She seeks information to inspire her, as well as inform.  Her friends are gardeners too. Some are serious master gardeners even and they are  stumped from time-to-time and need reliable resources to turn to.

Do you have patrons like Rose and her friends who are looking for practical and authoritative guidance on gardening, landscape, and horticulture?

Cultivate their interest in gardening – whether acres of land or window boxes — by providing essential titles for the weekend gardener to the dedicated hobbist spanning topics such as organic gardening, lawn maintenance, and garden design, available on the award-winning and mobile-optimized GVRL platform.  Get your patrons growing with these and other great titles from DK publishing:

gard1Pruning Plant by Plant, 1st Edition
Formative, remedial, and regular pruning advice tells you how to look after your plants from their first year through to maturity.gard2


Bonsai, 1st Edition
Easy-to-follow advice and simple photography, demystifying the art of bonsai with sequences covering the traditional styles of Chokkan, Moyogi, Shakan, and Kengai, as well as deadwood bonsai styles such as Ishizuki, Yose Uye, and Sharimiki.

gard3Fruit and Vegetable Gardening, 1st Edition
Offers all the basics of kitchen gardening-planning, soil preparation,
organic manures-and agard4uthoritative advice on every aspect of productive growing.

Garden Rescue, 1st Edition
Provides flow charts to help diagnose the problem, discover options, and then implement the best course of action.


The Complete Idgard6iot’s Guide to Aquaponic Gardening, 1st Edition
   A comprehensive guide to building and caring for an aquaponic garden, and raising organic fish and vegetables together.


Plants for Places
Can Golden Spangles face the east? Well, sure, but north is the preferred direction of this bright red-pink flowered shrub. Soil, shade, sun, that’s all covered in this DK Publishing guide.

Grow itgard8, Cook it, 1st Edition
Grow it, cook it, eat it; make your garden work for you and your family! This ebook is geared to get children involved in making healthy choices and will take you through the process from start to finish.


The Cooks Herb Garden, 1st Edition
For the overwhelmed gardener, starting small would be a good approach. A small garden can pack a lot ogard9f flavor into your cooking.gard10

Compost, 1st Edition
Give your gardeners an edge with a rich compost(ing resource). This ultra environmentally-friendly activity will make gardens grow an minimize household waste.



Another quick way to grow your library’s holdings is through Infotrac’s Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection. This solution presents more than 2 million articles from 100+ reliable journals to deliver practical applications, scientific theories, and key issues. Gardening enthusiasts, master gardeners, researchers, and biotechnologist, it doesn’t master the level of expertise, it’s all covered here and believe me, the most specific needs will be met.

Celebrate National Gardening Month in your library!

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