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For many high school students, thinking about what their next steps will be after high school can be daunting. Some students may feel anxiety about making decisions that will potentially affect the rest of their lives. One way that teachers can help students who are unsure about the path they want to follow is to expose them to fields or opportunities they may not have previously considered. Teachers can also help students see connections between activities and topics they already enjoy and possible careers or fields of study they can pursue after high school. eSports is an activity that many young people already find interesting, and learning about the topic may encourage some students to consider opportunities in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) fields. Teachers can help students learn about the topic in the new eSports portal from Gale In Context: High School.

eSports, which are competitive video game tournaments, are popular forms of entertainment and competition for children and adults. eSports have developed into a multimillion-dollar industry in which programmers, managers, and other professionals find fulfilling careers. Numerous universities in the United States and other parts of the world have even adopted eSports degrees to prepare people to work in the field. Introducing students to the numerous resources available in the eSports portal can help them understand the eSports industry as they consider potential employment opportunities in the field.

Students can begin their exploration of the topic with the eSports overview. They can learn about the history and development of eSports as a phenomenon. Once students understand the basics of the eSports field, they can access reference articles, such as this article about Major League Gaming (MLG)—an important company in the field. This article about The International, an eSports tournament, will help students better understand eSports competitions. Teachers can also guide students to access this academic journal article to learn about eSports fans.

Students who are interested in the eSports field can learn about its worldwide popularity and the restrictions placed on the field in China through this audio file. This video can help students understand how yet another field, data analytics, plays an important role in eSports and is helping to transform the field. If students are looking for more resources about eSports and the eSports industry, teachers can invite them to explore other resources in the eSports portal or investigate the ESPN eSports site, which is available in the websites section of the portal.

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