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For many undergraduate students, employment looms large as they look toward graduation.  How can you help them prepare?  Two words:  information literacy.

More than half of employers surveyed* recently rate “the ability to locate, organize, and evaluation information from multiple sources” as “very important” when it comes to hiring recent college graduates.

How to help students develop key skills

The gap between need of employers and student skill sets is hefty, but providing students with the right tools today can help them prepare for career success. Gale Researcher is a unique online resource with scholarly content and technology-fueled tools that will help undergraduates develop skills they’ll use throughout their academic career…and well beyond.  By aligning scholarly materials to the scope and sequence of introductory college courses, Gale Researcher creates a simple but sophisticated research path for students looking to foster a deeper understanding of the most-studied topics.

Within each area of study, Gale Researcher helps students:

  • Explore topics and begin research projects based on authoritative content.
  • Improve research skills through efficient searches, search guidance, and respected sources.
  • Access library materials that are integrated into instructional websites and materials with ease.
  • Find resources customized by instructors or library staff, including such things as useful links to articles, essays, and videos.
  • Highlight, annotate, download, and share information.

Gale Researcher can have a direct, positive effect on students’ academic success while helping them improve their ability to find, evaluate, and apply a range of sources to their research and coursework.

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*“Falling Short? College Learning and Career Success,” January 15, 2015, Hart Research Associates on behalf of the Association of American Colleges & Universities.Sneakers

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