Help Your Patrons Upskill This Year with Gale Presents: Udemy

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| By Gale Staff |

As the beginning of the new year unfolds, many of us make self-improvement goals or New Year’s resolutions. What might we do better in 2023? This year, make a commitment to learning something new. Public libraries are an excellent resource for adult learners seeking professional development opportunities.

Libraries that subscribe to Gale Presents: Udemy already have all the tools they need to help patrons tackle their personal goals. With Udemy, guiding your patrons through personal and professional upskilling is easy.

Gale Presents: Udemy houses thousands of video-based training courses covering a range of professional and personal pursuits. Plus, librarians and staff can access tutorials and printable resources to help patrons navigate an extensive training collection.

Access On-Demand Courses for In-Demand Skills

As we get older and master our respective professions, learning something entirely new or even expanding on a current skill can be intimidating. Gale Presents: Udemy is an approachable collection of self-paced, on-demand courses you can navigate at your own pace. Patrons can even download resources to their mobile devices so they can schedule learning around a busy schedule. Udemy offers its users a flexible learning platform, taught by world-class instructors, in place of a structured class. Whether your patrons are preparing for a new career change, have their hopes set on a promotion, or simply wish to pursue a personal curiosity, users can access learning in a way that works best for them.

Gale Presents: Udemy is up-to-date and responds to market trends, giving everyone in your community the opportunity to learn the most relevant skills for today’s workforce. Users can hone their leadership skills, learn the basics of coding, prep for a PMP course, create a podcast, expand their social media expertise, and so much more. Each course includes several hours of video tutorials, supplemental articles, and a completion certificate.

Leverage Pre-Made Training Materials

As a Gale Presents: Udemy subscriber, librarians and library staff have access to additional support to help guide patrons. After all, users will look to you for expertise. On our product support page, public librarians throughout your district can tap into shared training tools. You can master the ins and outs of Udemy with our tip sheets and video tutorials. Help patrons improve their digital literacy skills or simply become proficient in Gale’s advanced filtering tools and course enrollment.

Gale Presents: Udemy tip sheets will be your new secret weapon. The Patron Facing Filtering Tip Sheet outlines the built-in filtering options to help narrow down this extensive collection. Print a copy and leave it by the computers so you’re always ready to help guide patrons as they search for a specific course topic.

For users that don’t know where to begin, offer them the Personal Improvement Inventory. This is a responsive, simple tool that encourages users to consider their professional and personal goals before diving into a course. With courses featuring everything from technical skills like web development to personal goals like fitness and mental health—the Personal Improvement Inventory will deliver a list of course options via a QR Code.

Utilize Patron-Friendly Learning Tools

As a Gale Presents: Udemy user, your patrons can expect top-notch search tools and an emphasis on accessibility. Video tutorials are taught in a dozen different languages by native speakers, transcripts are always available, and content is easy to download. Every course includes a rich collection of auxiliary materials, including practice tests and different hands-on exercises so that users can customize their learning. With Udemy, patrons can sort content by duration, features, and skill level, helping them find the courses that best meet their individual goals and learning style.

Before patrons take the next step and actually enroll in a course, they can read reviews and access preview materials before diving in. All of the key information is right on the course landing page, so there’s no wasted time scrolling and searching for specific attributes.

Make 2023 a year of personal and intellectual growth for you and your patrons. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to request a trial of Gale Presents: Udemy for your institution, read more product info or reach out to your rep.

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