Helping Me Find My Passion

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By Mike S.

As an adolescent, I sometimes found myself in the midst of mischief. My grades in school were suffering, I was acting out against my parents, I even visited the local police station once or twice. There was distinct a turning point in my life and that turning point began with me finding myself at the local library. I remember it as clear as day. In a small back room closet, there sat two 386 computers. These computers predate Microsoft Windows. There was not fancy user interface, it was all command line driven. The applications that they computers ran were crude my today’s standard. However, these two computers fed my curiosity as a teenage boy. They gave me something new and exciting to explore. The librarian working the reference desk got to know me by first name as I would sign up to use the computers 3-4 times per week. She began turning me on to books in the library that could help me learn about computers. Without the help of my local library, I would not have been exposed to world of computer science. From that day forward, I knew what interested me. I knew the direction I wanted to take in life. Fast forward to today, 20 years later. Those two 386 computers are long gone, but the passion I have for computer science still exists inside of me.Girls Air Jordan

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