St. James Encyclopedia of Hip Hop Culture is “Highly Recommended”

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The St. James Encyclopedia of Hip Hop Culture includes over 500 pages organized into 210 articles that examine the history and contributions of hip-hop to American and global culture. It provides an indispensable authoritative reference resource defining, exploring, and analyzing this significant aspect of culture and history.

Recently, Library Journal and American Reference Books Annual published positive reviews of St. James Encyclopedia of Hip Hop Culture:

In a field that has typically been underrepresented in reference literature but very visible in popular culture, this work will speak to those with or without prior knowledge of the genre. While hip-hop is commonly thought of as an American genre (often viewed as African American within a particular age group), this title also effectively emphasizes its evolution and representation in other global cultures… Written for students, professors, and the general public, this work covers a broad array of subjects while encouraging deeper exploration into the wide scope of hip-hop culture.

—Elizabeth Berndt-Morris, Loeb Music Lib., Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA

Originally published by Library Journal

What is nice about this volume is the rich number of color photographs. I highly recommend this book for the reference collections of high schools and universities.

— Bradford Lee Eden, Dean of Library Services, Valparaiso University

Originally published by American Reference Books Annual

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